A Very Happy Environment

Staff member Ben Gooch was interviewed by the magazine, which is distributed to student unions, recruitment outlets and LGBT venues, for an article about what it’s like to be gay or trans in the workplace.

An extract from the article reads:

Ben Gooch is the Project Co-Ordinator for Shine, an initiative based at LGBT charity, Galop to support trans people and make services more trans-inclusive. “I think I have it a lot easier than many of my trans friends, espeically around the relationships I have with my colleagues”, he explains.  “Where I am now is a very happy environment.  I have worked in places where it’s been hard because of my visibility. People often misread my gender and I couldn’t discuss it with them because I wasn’t sure how they were going to react. This isn’t an issue at Galop.  Everyone knows I’m trans: everyone’s happy with that”.  For Ben, there was an additional calling: “I wanted to work with my community. It’s a real privilege to do so”.

You can read the full article on page 32 of the magazine online here