Do What You Both Want

Galop has launched a brand new campaign, called Do What You Both Want, that aims to promote honest, clear communication around sex between guys.

We recognise that the context within which guys are having sex sometimes means things happen that people don’t want and, perhaps, don’t always mean to happen. We don’t think it’s OK to accept that sexual assault is an ‘occupational hazard’ of sex in these sorts of contexts. It doesn’t have to be this way. Guys don’t want to experience sexual assault and most guys don’t want to be accused of it. So let’s start being honest about what’s happening and changing how we deal with our communication and behaviour so sex can be good for everyone!

To promote the campaign, we persauded the amazing photographer Del LaGrace Volcano to create images of real guys in real situations with a message that says…Sex is good! But it’s not good – and a crime – when something happens that you don’t want and don’t consent to.

Del says:
“It was a pleasure and a privilege to be asked to create the images for this Galop campaign dealing with the timely issues of consent within gay male relationships. I only accept commercial commissions when they involve issues I consider vitally important to the health of the LGBTIQ community. This job was one of those. What I found most compelling about this campaign were the multiple layers embedded in the dynamics of consent: power, desire and the need for clear communication between sexual players. And working with so many hot and politically smart guys was definitely a bonus!”
Check out the full website at, get involved and spread the word!