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Winter Pride: Charity of the Year Nomination – Vote for us!

Galop has been nominated as Charity of the Year as the organisation that has best supported LGBT communities in 2013!

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Free Domestic Abuse Weekend Workshop November 23rd/24th 2013

Pace are running a free Domestic Abuse Weekend for LGBT residents in London who have experienced abuse from a partner or family member.  (more…)

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Domestic Abuse

Abuse from family, partners, and ex-partners does happen in our communities. Galop is a safe space to talk and think about what you want away from pressure at home. We can help you to explore your options, plan to make you safer, look for safe housing and speak with the police.  

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Regular and sustained harassment can take the form of physical, verbal or written abuse, either in person or behind your back.  It can be an exhausting, isolating and scary experience, but we can give you support and advice as well as help you find ways to deal with the harassment.

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Problems With The Police

The police have made huge leaps forward, but things don’t always go the way they should. Galop can help you to put problems right with the police. We can give you advice and information on your options or make a formal complaint on your behalf if you’re unhappy about something the police have done. (more…)

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The Criminal Justice System

Galop can help you if you have questions about criminal convictions or are concerned about Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks. We can also support you if you have to go to court as a victim or witness, and we can even make a criminal injuries compensation claim on your behalf. If you need help with […]

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Trans Guys Are

Galop is delighted to be a partner in the production of Trans Guys Are… The film came out of a project working with trans men around sexual assault.

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Galop releases groundbreaking new report

Galop has released a new report which shows shocking statistics about homophobia and transphobia in the capital.

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How Galop Can Help

If you have a printer you can download PDFs and print our leaflet on the different ways in which Galop can help, which saves us money and means you can use our publicity right away. How Can Galop Help – Outside How Can Galop Help – Inside  

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Put Out Your Little Tongue for Galop!

Tuffbroad Productions proudly present a surreal and fantastical night of queer storytelling through live art, music, film and cabaret – with proceeds going to Galop!

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Health and Well-being: Your Experiences

Take part in a project to help understand why some people develop mental health issues while others do not. Particularly looking at how risk factors are different between heterosexual people and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) people.

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LGBT Survey – Roar: Because Silence Is Deadly

Many lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT*) people experience domestic abuse from partners, ex-partners, intimate contacts or extended family members. In light of the Equality Act, public services have a duty to help meet their needs. Help us find out if the law has been put into practice

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Woman-to-woman Sexual Violence Study

Women over the age of 18 are being invited to take part in a study exploring their experience of woman-to-woman sexual assault – an extremely important yet under-researched area. This study has been approved by Plymouth University’s Ethics Committee, and is completely confidential.

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Gobble For Galop

The Clandestinos is a secret supper club tucked away in Finsbury Park. Several evenings a month they transform their living room into a bistro serving up wholesome food and wine. Better yet, they will be donating a percentage of their profit to Galop on 19th and 25th June.

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Sexual Offences and CRB Checks

This section tells you about the recent changes to the sexual offences laws and how these affect previous convictions for offences which have now been de-criminalised. (more…)

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What offences can be stepped down?

. (more…)

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What offences can’t be stepped down?

The right to have an offence stepped down would only apply to previous convictions that are no longer sexual offences. (more…)

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How to have a conviction stepped down

A person wanting to prevent these convictions being disclosed on a CRB check should do the following: (more…)

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DBS Checks

There are new changes to criminal record bureau (CRB) checks which an employer can ask for if you work with children or vulnerable adults. CRB checks have also changed their name to Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks.

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Operation Nutmeg

We’ve been approached by a number of men who have been asked by the police asking for a DNA sample, under Operation Nutmeg. Has this happened to you? We’ve helped numerous men to refuse to give their DNA, so we may be able to help you.

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Trans Privacy Not Jail

We’re shocked and upset to hear about a young trans man who now has the label of sex offender because he didn’t disclose his gender history. If you are too, please sign the Scottish Transgender Alliance e-petition

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g3 awards

Vote for Galop!

We’ve been nominated for Charity or Community Organisation of the year in the 2013 G3 Readers Awards. Please vote for us here:! The Awards take place on 27 April so you’ve only got a short while left to get voting!

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Disregarding Offences

We’re delighted that The Campaign For Homosexual Equality have supported Galop financially to help us produce our new resource assisting gay and bi men to delete cautions and convictions for consensual sexual offences.

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Galop’s Great Triple Dip Quiz

Last year Galop’s sell-out fundraiser quiz was Austerity-Busting. This year we’re going for the Triple Dip! Join us on Thursday 28 February

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January Newsletter

A roundup of all the latest news on what we’ve been up to and and what’s happening.

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Call for Bisexual Research Participants

A research project at the University of Surrey is looking to recruit bisexual participants for a research project that looks into intimate partner violence in bisexual relationships in the UK.

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Transphobic Article In The Observer

We’ve been considering the recent Julie Burchill article in The Observer with an overwhelming sense of sadness and anger. You can read our official response here.

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