I’m a bi-man. I’m married. An ex- work colleague has found out I’m bi and he’s threatened to ‘tell everyone at work and my neighbours that I’m really gay’. He threatened to tell everyone unless I give him £5000.

It is a crime for someone to make a menacing demand for the purposes of gaining something or causing you some loss, (unless they have reasonable grounds for doing so). As well as obvious demands such as money, blackmailers can sometimes make implicit and unspoken threats towards you, such as suggesting gifts. It’s best to trust your instincts – if something feels wrong then it’s a good idea to get some advice.

Blackmail is a serious criminal offence. If you think someone is trying to blackmail you it’s advisable to tell someone immediately and to get help with the situation. It is strongly advised never to hand over money, as it’s likely that the perpetrator will continue to try and extort money from you. Even if you don’t want to report to the police, you can get advice from other organisations such as Galop or Pink Law in confidence.

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