Commissioning For Inclusion: Delivering services for LGBT+ survivors of domestic abuse

Galop launches new guide “Commissioning for inclusion: Delivering services for LGBT+ survivors of domestic abuse” to encourage and support commissioners, services, policy-makers, and the government to work in partnership to better meet the needs of LGBT+ survivors of domestic abuse.   

During these challenging times, it is vital to break the silence, reach out, and remind LGBT+ survivors that they are not alone, and that services exist which are willing and able to help them in their journey to feeling safe and supported.

This guidance is designed to be a catalyst for dialogue and action at a local, regional and national level about how best to meet the needs of LGBT+ communities and ensure access to appropriate and effective help and support. It recognises that a range of services have an important role to play in the commissioning cycle. This includes both LGBT+ services that are working with survivors of domestic abuse and domestic abuse services that are working with LGBT+ survivors.  

The guidance aims to support commissioners and services at each stage of the commissioning cycle to: 

  • Identify and respond to the gaps in current practice, which may not routinely recognise and respond to LGBT+ survivors; 
  • Identify ways to work in partnership to effectively support LGBT+ survivors of domestic abuse; 
  • Develop and deliver inclusive provision for LGBT+ survivors, which meet the needs of their local and/or regional LGBT+ population. 

The guidance is structured around the main four stages of the commissioning cycle and features checklists for both commissioners and service providers identifying the key actions from each stage and providing practical suggestions relating to the needs of LGBT+ survivors. 

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