How The Process Works

When you contact the Sensitive Applications Manager you’ll be advised about the CRB’s confidential checking process in place for applicants who do not wish for the name or gender identity they were assigned with at birth to be disclosed on the completed Disclosure.

Applicants are then advised not to enter previous name(s) on Section C of the application form and then to complete the rest of the application form as they normally would.

Just before or at the same time the application form is submitted, you must send the CRB a document that can confirm the previous name(s) you used such as a Change of Name Deed, or your original Birth Certificate. A Gender Recognition Certificate is not required for this process. You should include a short covering letter that confirms your current name, full address with postcode and a contact telephone number. In some cases you may not have any documents to confirm your previous name. If this is the case, you should contact the Sensitive Applications Manager to discuss this.

Once the CRB receives your covering letter and any name documentation you have supplied, the Sensitive Applications Manager will monitor your application everyday until the Disclosure is completed. If any queries are raised it will be this person who deals with them and contacts you if the CRB require further information.