What happens after you apply?

Once your claim is submitted CICA will list all the necessary evidence that is needed to assess your claim. This includes confirmation from the police that you were a victim of a violent crime and a criminal conviction check. CICA may also need to contact your doctor and/or other medical specialist who can verify your injuries. Any claim for loss of earnings or special expenses will also need to be verified.When CICA have all the evidence it will be assessed by a Claims Officer who will decide on the case based on the ‘balance of probabilities’. This means that their decision is based on what is more likely to have happened than not have happened. Once CICA have made a decision they will contact you (or the agency representing you).

If your claim has been successful you have 90 days in which to tell CICA that you accept the award. Usually you will be sent a single ‘lump sum’ as payment.