Galop statement on the Government’s response to Gender Recognition Act consultation

The Government’s plans for reform of the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) outlined today are a mixed result for the trans community. 

We are disappointed that the GRA reform will not recognise non-binary identities or allow trans people to self-identify. The process of getting a Gender Recognition Certificate is likely to remain a long and invasive one. However, we welcome the news that the process will be moved online and the cost reduced. These are positive steps towards accessibility of a Gender Recognition Certificate for a larger number of trans people.

We are glad to see that these changes have no effect on the Equality Act, which offers vital legal protection for LGBT+ people and other minoritised groups.

Our key priority is supporting trans people to live in safety and with dignity. What we see from our services and our research is that trans, non-binary, and gender-non-conforming people are at high risk of abuse and violence from a wide range of perpetrators and in every part of their daily lives. There are not enough specialist services to support the trans community, and there are too many barriers to trans victims and survivors accessing help and support elsewhere. This has to change.

Our hate crime laws, which do not recognise the “stirring up” of transphobic abuse and violence as an offence, must be reformed to provide parity in justice for all LGBT+ victims. Trans survivors of sexual violence and domestic abuse must have services they can access to keep them safe and give them support, as would be afforded to any other survivor of these crimes.

Transphobic hate crime has risen by 37% in the last year, proportionally more than hate crime against any other group. We have seen a steep rise in demand for all our services in recent months, including our Trans Hate Crime Service. Trans people continue to be targeted with abuse in all areas of their lives: at work, in the street, online and in their homes. We will continue to support trans victims of violence, and work towards a world where trans people can live in safety and with dignity. We call on the Government to do the same.

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