I’m Being Harassed By My Neighbours

One of the most common forms of harassment experienced by LGBT people is from neighbours or people living nearby.  Sometimes those doing the harassment specifically target someone because they are lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans.  Alternatively the harassment might have been triggered by a dispute about another issue such as noise. There might be a wider problem of antisocial behaviour in the neighbourhood, where more than one person is targeted. Either way, being harassed in or near to home can be particularly distressing and may make you feel more vulnerable because the perpetrator may know you and where you live and you may worry that reporting would lead to an escalation in the harassment or reprisals from the perpetrator.

The person who is harassing you because of your sexuality or gender identity may rely on the idea that you will not tell anyone because of the nature of the harassment.  If you are being harassed it is important that you remember you have legal rights. Therefore you should try and speak to someone about it as soon as you can so that steps can be taken to prevent the harasser from continuing.