Nik Noone announces her departure from Galop

After 6 years at Galop, Nik Noone, CEO, has announced that she will be leaving the organisation at the end of April 2020. 

Nik joined Galop during a challenging time for the charity and her tireless dedication and tenacity has transformed the organisation into the dynamic and stable organisation it is today. Nik has grown the organisations significantly moving from an income of £294k in 2014 to £1.5 million today. Similarly, the staff team at Galop has increased from being a team of 5 in 2014 to currently employing 30 people. 

Nik’s dynamic leadership has helped to cement our reputation as the specialist organisation on LGBT+ domestic violence, sexual violence and hate crime. In particular in the last 5 years Galop’s evidence and insights have been developed to ensure LGBT+ victims and survivors voices are heard and understood at a nationally strategic level; a key example of this is our work on the recent draft Domestic Abuse Bill.

Dorothea Gartland Chair of Galop said:

Nik Noone has taken Galop and made it the wonderful organisation it is today. Galop is able to reach so many different people though its work because of Nik’s leadership and willingness to work so hard to obtain funding for its work.

Nik is dedicated to making life better for other people and has spent the last 6 years ensuring that Galop has a strong team that works together to make life safe, just and fair for LGBT+ people.

We will all greatly miss Nik at Galop and wish her the very best.

Nik Noone, CEO of Galop said:

By the time I leave I will have been Galop’s CEO for 6 years, a role that was supposed to only last 4 months. When I took the role on I had just moved back home to Manchester.  Only Galop, its amazing work and team could have retained my commitment for 6 years having to live 200 miles away from home every working week.

It has been an absolute privilege to be part of the Galop team, working with them, our partners and  I will always be very proud of what we all have managed to achieve together.

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