CRB Checks

CRB checks enable an employer (or similar) to find out whether a potential employee or volunteer has a current criminal conviction or in some cases previous criminal convictions that might be relevant to the job/position they are applying for.
There are three types of check are available, a Basic Disclosure, a Standard Disclosure and an Enhanced Disclosure.

A Basic Disclosure will reveal any unspent criminal convictions. Any employer has the right to apply for a basic disclosure to check if a potential employee or volunteer has a current unspent criminal conviction.  However, if you have a spent conviction, you do not have to declare it when asked whether you have any current criminal convictions.

If you apply for certain jobs including teaching, care work and positions in the NHS (including voluntary work) where you may have contact with children or vulnerable adults, your prospective employer is required to check whether you have a current or spent criminal conviction. They will either apply for a standard disclosure or more usually an enhanced disclosure.  You have to declare both spent and unspent convictions if your employer is applying for a standard or enhanced disclosure.
The employer requesting a standard or enhanced disclosure has to apply through an organisation that is registered with the CRB to process applications for these types of disclosure. The registered body is charged with ensuring that the job/role warrants the level of disclosure requested and that the requesting organisation understands their responsibilities for using any information revealed fairly and keeping it confidential.

A standard disclosure will make the same checks as the basic disclosure but will show both unspent and spent convictions, which will include any police cautions, reprimands and warnings.

An enhanced disclosure will reveal any spent and unspent convictions. The police may also choose to disclose other relevant information held locally by the police, such as a police warning or notes made by the police following an allegation. For more information on charges see Galop’s information on Arrest, Stop & Search.

If you feel that information held about you has been misused or information about you has not been kept confidential you should contact the registering body or CRB.  Alternatively, contact Galop to discuss your case.

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