Previous Convictions & DBS Checks

If you have a conviction for sexual acts that are no longer criminal offences, such as consensual sex between men aged 16-21, they cannot be disclosed in a DBS check. Read more on what offences were decriminalised by the Sexual Offences Act 2003 and what can and cannot be disclosed in a DBS check.

Disregarding Offences

On 1 October 2012, the Home Office introduced guidance which allows people in England and Wales with some historical convictions and cautions for consensual gay sex to apply to have those offences removed from their records. Read about the recent changes in the law and how to make an application.

DBS Checks & Gender Identity

Guidance for trans people who have been required to have a DBS ( Disclosure and Barring Service) check. Read about how to prevent unwanted disclosures related to your gender identity, the process of disclosing your name or gender you were assigned at birth if you choose to,  and how Galop can support you.


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