Launching ‘Recognise & Respond’

Galop is proud to announce a launch of a new project, ‘Recognise & Respond’, which will tackle LGBT domestic violence through research, capacity building and policy development. ‘Recognise & Respond’ is funded under the Lloyds Bank Foundation Transform Program and run in partnership with Stonewall Housing.

The project will examine and document the nature of LGBT domestic violence, address gaps in national and regional DV and VAWG polices and build on existing achievements and good practices to promote consistent and shared approach to removing the barriers LGBT people face when accessing local services. Please find more information on the project here.

‘Recognise & Respond’ brings together two leading specialist community organisations working in the field of LGBT domestic violence, who have over 35 years’ experience of supporting victims and survivors. The project comes at a time when VAWG and domestic violence charities and criminal justice agencies have started to recognise that domestic violence in the LGBT community is a problem, however limited funding and gendered perceptions of domestic violence fundamentally undermine the experiences of gay/bi men and transgender victims and might promote the belief that women can’t be perpetrators of domestic violence. This has significant implications on service provision, as it creates barriers in the way services are designed and delivered that might make them less inclusive and accessible for LGBT people. ’Recognise & Respond’ will therefore aim to work closely with DV, LGBT and VAWG services, policy makers, commissioners, and other stakeholders to achieve the set aims and objectives.

The Chief Executive of Galop, Nik Noone stated:

“Galop is delighted to join efforts with Stonewall Housing in this unique and ambitious project aiming to inform national policy and practice addressing domestic violence. The support from Lloyds Bank Foundation is invaluable and provides a real opportunity to build on the experience and knowledge of delivering direct services and generate a robust evidence base and facilitate a coordinated national approach to understand, raise awareness and address the inequality in access to service provision for LGBT survivors of domestic violence.”

The Chief Executive of Stonewall Housing, Bob Green stated:

“Stonewall Housing is pleased to be part of this new, exciting project with Galop, funded by Lloyds Bank Foundation. Domestic abuse is one of the main reasons that LGBT people contact Stonewall Housing for advice and support, and specific housing options for them are extremely limited. We look forward to developing the LGBT Domestic Abuse Forum, previously funded by the Oak Foundation, so that more commissioners, providers and partners can recognise this major issue and then respond by delivering more high-quality services for LGBT people who are experiencing domestic abuse.”

For further information, please contact:
Jasna Magić, Research and Policy Officer,