Concerned About Coming Forward?

You can speak to Galop about any of the issues discussed in this factsheet. If you prefer, you do not have to tell us your name. You can contact a caseworker on the Shoutline, or using our interactive chat room on our webiste. The caseworker will listen to what you have to say and suggest options for you to take it further.

If you decide that you’d like the police to know about your experiences, you don’t have to speak to them directly. Galop can help you to make a ‘third party report’.  If you prefer, we can withold your name and contact details from the police, and they can contact you only via us if they need more information.

If you feel uncomfortable about providing us with your name, we can pass on a completely anonymous report to the police on your behalf. It is unikely that the police will be able to take any action, however these type of reports help build a picture of what is going on and help identify where there have been repeat incidents happening in one area.