Some people use cruising grounds, or have sex in public toilets (cottages). Galop has specific information about cruising, and cottaging, which explains the law. Sex in a public toilet is always illegal, and if you are caught, you may be fined, or cautioned or charged. For further information you can call our Shoutline for advice.

If you do use cruising grounds, you should be aware that men who are cruising can sometimes be targeted as victims of crime, as the perpetrators may consider you to be more vulnerable. There are some safety tips to consider to keep yourself safe:
•    Think about the kind of sex you want and don’t be forced into anything you don’t want to do.
•    Don’t carry valuable or expensive things with you such as ipods.
•    Be aware of where the exits are, and where any dead ends might be.
•    Try to keep drink and drugs at a minimum to avoid getting into a situation you would normally feel uncomfortable with.
•    If you decide to take your mobile with you make sure that you keep it somewhere safe and try not to make phone calls in spaces that could make you a target for theft.

If you are the victim of a crime in a cruising ground, you can call Galop for advice and support.