In some situations people enter marriages without disclosing to their husband or wife to be that they are also attracted to the people who are the same sex as them.  Or they may be forced into a marriage.Some people may continue being married for a number of years without disclosing to their husband or wife that this is the case, perhaps having a boyfriend or a girlfriend whom they visit on a regular basis. If this is the case, and you are concerned about your husband or wife finding communication with Galop, we will take steps to ensure your safety, for example by agreeing not to contact you by post or leave messages on your mobile phone.

Forced Marriage

Forcing you to get married by using violence, threats of violence to you or others, or blackmail is a crime. The new Civil Protection Act 2008 is designed to stop people being forced into marriages without their consent. You should consent to your marriage freely by you and without any fear of negative consequences if you do not agree.  Examples of force which would be illegal inlcude threats of violence against other family members such as your mother, or taking you on holiday to visit extended family and then taking your passport away and holding hostage against your agreement to marry.  If you are concerned that your family may be trying to force you to marry someone, you can contact Galop for support and advice.

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