Reports & Research

These are Galop’s main publications and research documents. You can view or download most of them as PDF by clicking the links. Hard copies may be available on request. Please let us know your requirements and we will do our best to help.



Hate Crime Report 2016

Online Hate Crime Report 2017 Our first report on the nature and impact of online anti-LGBT+ hate crime, in the words of victims themselves. It also provides insight into experiences of reporting to social media platforms.                                    

LGBT Intersections: A Charity Perspective

LGBT Intersections: A Charity Perspective Responding to the safety needs of LGBT Londoners who are older, have mental health issues or are and from diverse cultural or religious backgrounds. Published 2014.                                                                             


Mapping LGBT Westminster

Mapping LGBT Westminster Investigating the needs and experiences of LGBT people in Westminster. Commissioned by Westminster City Council. Published in 2009         

Like It Is: 10 Years On

Like It Is: 10 Years On Towards a hate crime service for under 25s. A research report conducted with young people re-visiting issues raised in Galop’s previous youth report Telling It Like It Is. Published in 2008.


Hate Crime Report 2016

The Hate Crime Report 2016 This edition provides an updated analysis of UK data, and the UK results of a pan-European quantitative and qualitative hate crime study. Published 2016. More info.                                                                            

Shining The Light: 10 Keys To Becoming A Trans Positive Organisation

Shining The Light: 10 Keys To Becoming A Trans Positive Organisation Drawing on research and responses over two years of engagement amongst trans people, this resource is aimed at LGBT and mainstream organisations who want to become truly inclusive for trans people. Published in 2011. More info

Count Me In!

Count Me In! Study based on the experiences of homophobic and transphobic abuse and domestic violence among LGBT people in the London boroughs of Bexley and Greenwich, surveyed in 2004.

Telling It Like It Is

Telling It Like It Is Lesbian, gay and bisexual youth speak out on homophobic violence. A study and report covering the London area compiled in 1998


hate Crime report 2013

The Hate Crime Report 2013 Our first Hate Crime Report, brings the numbers and statistics around London’s anti LGBT hate crime together into one easy-to-understand resource for the first time. Published 2013. More info.  

Filling In The Blanks

Filling In The Blanks A landmark report seeking to increase understanding of unreported LGBT hate crime and of services available to victims of these crimes, particularly services relating to reporting. Published in 2009. More info                 


The Low Down

The Low Down Black lesbians, gay men and bisexual people talk about their experiences and needs. A study undertaken across London in 2001.