Safety Tips

This section gives advice on staying safe in a variety of situations where you might experience homophobic or transphobic hate crime. As LGBT people we sometimes chose to change our behaviour to avoid putting ourselves at greater risk of being victimised.  For example, we may change the way we present ourselves to avoid disclosing our sexuality or gender identity in public places.  We may also avoid physical contact with their partner and friends, such as holding hands or kissing.  In some cases we may even chose to avoid certain areas, or events, or travelling by public transport because we feel unsafe.

Whether or not you change your behaviour you should never be made to feel that you are to blame for a homophobic or transphobic attack or that you should ‘tone down’ the way you dress or act – you have the same right to go about your life as anyone else.  Galop would never advocate advising people to change their behaviour – we are behind people’s right to dress or present themselves as they like and show affection in public. These guidelines include some basic tips which you can consider as an alternative, to minimise risk.