How Can Galop Help?

Galop can help you find the support that you need, whether that’s assistance with reporting a crime or helping you to feel safer where you live. We can work with you to contact the Havens (sexual assault referral centres), to find counsellors trained in sexual abuse issues, or to reach other groups that might be able to help you. We can help you communicate with the police and can answer your questions about the law, policing and LGBT rights.

Everything you tell us is confidential. We won’t pass along anything you say to the police or any other agency unless you say we can. If you’d like to make a report to the police but don’t want to deal with them directly, we can help you make a report. We’ll ask you some questions about the incident, and we’ll send this information over to the police. You can choose to give the police your name, or you can stay anonymous.

We can advise you about all sorts of things related to LGBT abuse, homophobia, transphobia, and your safety, including problems you may have with the police.

Even if you don’t want to report anything to the police, it’s important to give us a call or report abuse on our website. That way, we can have an accurate record of LGBT people’s experiences of sexual abuse. This will help us work for more and better services for LGBT victims. Unless police and other agencies know the true extent of homophobic, transphobic, and sexual abuse, services and strategies won’t be developed to tackle these kinds of crime.