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We wanted to let you know about the trans project we are running at Galop. This page outlines the thinking behind what we are doing. It’s a summarised version of ‘introducing the new trans project at Galop’ which is available on our website. shinePlease tell us what you think – contact below.

Download full version: Introducing Shine @ Galop

About The Project

What will happen over the next 2 years?
The project has two phases; the first phase is about providing resources which people can access to improve their safety and perceptions of safety. We are running a series of free voice and movement workshops to achieve this.

At the same time, the project will also talk with trans spectrum people to explore experiences of transphobia, the police, and accessing services without discrimination. We will be holding a mixture of themed sessions (open to everyone) and closed sessions (for specific groups of people, eg black and minority ethnic trans people and sex workers) to identify specific issues and points for change. We have chosen to split the discussions in this way because we want to make safer spaces for people who identify in certain ways to participate in the discussions, and to further explore the differences (in terms of experiences and therefore needs) amongst trans spectrum people. We think that people’s experience of violence is affected by many things including race or ethnicity, class, age, religion or belief, disability, sexuality, at the least, and we want to investigate this further to ensure the work we do is relevant to the people we work with.

The second phase of the project involves using this information to improve Galop’s services to the community, as well as producing two resources. The first resource will be around ‘making your organisation trans inclusive’. This will be aimed at LGBT and mainstream organisations. The second resource will build on the first and we aim to use this to build coalitions to influence policy change, outlining key issues concerning trans communities, and safety issues.

How do we hope to make a difference?

By using voice and movement to improve the feelings of safety and actual safety of trans people accessing these workshops.

Increasing accessibility and improving services to trans people from a range of LGBT organisations including Galop, by providing trans targeted services and having a fuller understanding of the issues.

Working towards increased safety by lobbying for increased legal protection, and better services from the criminal justice system.

A word about language

We know that the word ‘trans’ although designed to be inclusive, may not fit well as a descriptive term for everyone. (For example, those who do not have majority privilege, and those who have always been the men and women they feel themselves to be) We use it here as a way of talking about all people who have a history or present experience of being of feeling ‘gender different’ in some way. We talk about this more in the full version of the document and welcome further dialogue on this issue.

About Galop

Galop was established over twenty-five years ago, in June 1982, and remains one of London’s oldest LGBT voluntary sector organisations. Over the years, our work has developed, although our ethos of working to end hate crime, by supporting victims and campaigning for change has remained constant. We started working with trans people in 2004.

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Our services:

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