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Domestic Abuse

Abuse from family, partners, and ex-partners does happen in our communities. Galop is a safe space to talk and think about what you want away from pressure at home. We can help you to explore your options, plan to make you safer, look for safe housing and speak with the police.  

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Regular and sustained harassment can take the form of physical, verbal or written abuse, either in person or behind your back.  It can be an exhausting, isolating and scary experience, but we can give you support and advice as well as help you find ways to deal with the harassment.

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Problems With The Police

The police have made huge leaps forward, but things don’t always go the way they should. Galop can help you to put problems right with the police. We can give you advice and information on your options or make a formal complaint on your behalf if you’re unhappy about something the police have done. (more…)

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The Criminal Justice System

Galop can help you if you have questions about criminal convictions or are concerned about Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks. We can also support you if you have to go to court as a victim or witness, and we can even make a criminal injuries compensation claim on your behalf. If you need help with […]

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