The LGBT+ Domestic Abuse Survivor’s Forum

Galop is proud to launch to the LGBT+ Domestic Abuse Survivor’s Forum as part of its National LGBT+ Domestic Abuse Helpline Service. The Forum, which will go live on Thursday, 10th December 2020, is a safe, anonymous, online space for LGBT+ people who have been affected by domestic abuse. The forum will allow users to share their experiences, support one another and receive information and support from the team at the National LGBT+ Domestic Abuse Helpline. 

On the LGBT+ Survivors Forum you can:

  • Talk about something worrying you in your relationship or family and hear from other survivors 
  • Get information and guidance from the helpline team 
  • Speak out about something that happened in the past and still affects you now 
  • Read about the experiences of other LGBT+ survivors of abuse 
  • Find and share resources and information about recovery from abuse 
  • Give support and encouragement to other LGBT+ survivors of domestic abuse and violence 

Get support, at your own pace, from other LGBT+ people who have lived experience of abuse and will understand exactly how hard it can be to talk about what’s happening.  Helpline workers will be present on the forum to offer support, information, and guidance and to ensure the forum is safe and supportive for everyone that uses it. 

You can read the forum discussions without joining, but if you want to introduce yourself, join in the discussion, and connect with other survivors then register for your own profile by clicking ‘Join’. Your e-mail address is never visible to anyone but the helpline team.

Remember that if you do register, you may sometimes receive e-mails from the forum or the helpline (if we have a concern and want to talk to you about it)

You can visit the forum here: If you have any questions or concerns about anything you see on the forum, please contact

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