Trade union affiliation

Trade Unions can affiliate to Galop as a means of supporting our campaigning and our direct work with victims of violence and abuse. Read more here about why these issues are important, relevant to trade unions, and how your union affiliation can make a difference.

The issues

Violence and abuse targeted at LGBT people and communities take many forms – but their affects are always enormously damaging. Individuals targeted for hate crime, domestic or sexual abuse are left coping with physical and emotional impacts, challenging their ability to work, their home life, their health and self-confidence. As a community, our fear of, and expectation of abuse mean that many of us are hyper-vigilant in public (and at work), and take steps to hide our true selves – including avoiding pubic affection, and changing how we look, dress, speak, and where we go. The impact of this on our communities’ feelings of self-worth is hard to quantify – but is partly demonstrated by high-levels of under-reporting of abuse, and normalisation and silence on the issue of abuse within the community:

  • 1 in 7 LGBT people experience hate crime each year
  • 1 in 4 LGBT people experience domestic abuse in their lives
  • Up to 90% of hate crime goes unreported to the police.

Despite the impact of these issues, as individuals, and as a community – we do not always get what we need. Victims report problems with the police not meeting their needs, and not knowing where to go for help. As communities, our issues can be politically side-lined – with a lack of expertise, understanding and resources – and at risk of being on the frontline of cuts.

Where Galop comes in

Galop is a lesbian, gay, bi and trans anti violence and abuse charity. We make life safe, just and fair for LGBT people. We work support individuals, and campaign to improve things for our communities. We provide advice and advocacy for LGBT victims of hate crime, domestic abuse, sexual abuse and LGBT people with the police or any issues with the criminal justice system – including practical help, support to report, and emotional support. We fight our client’s corner – helping them, get what they need and recording what happened.

We also campaign to improve the way that abuse and violence targeted at our communities is handled – including trying to change the way the police, CPS and Government responds to these issues.

Why affiliate to Galop?

Supporting your members: Hate crime can happen in the workplace and can affect victims’ work-life regardless of where it takes place. Galop supports our clients to work with their trade unions when they have problems and by working together, we can make sure that your members get the support and advice they need. Our specialist services enable us to provide advice and support to any of your LGBT members who experience hate crime, domestic or sexual abuse. While you work to ensure that the employer responds effectively, we can support your members with the many emotional and practical tasks needed to help them move on.

Campaigning with you: Galop believes that all LGBT people deserve to live in a world where they can feel safe to be who they are, and where their experiences of violence or abuse are taken seriously, they can get the help they need and have access to justice through the criminal justice system. That’s why Galop continues to campaign on raising the profile of LGBT abuse and violence, to make sure the police and others provide the best service to LGBT victims of crime.

Our campaigns are stronger when we work with our allies – and the trade union movement has a proud history of campaigning for change. We know how important your work is – and that’s why you might have seen us at many of your events. We prioritise making links with trade unions and working together.

Your money goes further: Galop is a tiny charity making a huge difference – and we can’t do it without you. Because we are so small – your affiliation fees and donations cake a much bigger impact. Your money can make a real difference to our ability to improve the lives of LGBT people now – and protect the lives of LGBT people in the future.

How to affiliate to Galop

If you would like to affiliate to Galop then please fill in our affiliation form and return it with payment to Galop, 2G Leroy House, 436 Essex Road, London, N1 3QP. You can also download a model motion to use at your branch/region/section meeting to support your affiliation.

If you have any questions, please contact our Chief Executive, Deborah Gold on 020 7704 6767 or email