Physical And Verbal Abuse

This is an attack or abuse directed at a person because they are, or are perceived to be, lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans. Homophobic or transphobic physical or verbal violence occurs in the home, at school and college, at work, and in public. It ranges from threatening looks and name-calling, to physical violence that needs medical attention, or could even result in death. Often homophobic or transphobic insults or threats accompany the violence.

Even if you feel homophobic or transphobic insults are common, it is worth reporting them to Galop or the police. They will be logged as homophobic or transphobic incidents and help build up a picture of what LGBT people are dealing with. Repeated insults from the same person can be considered harassment, and could result in a warning, caution or charge for the perpetrator.

We encourage all LGBT people to serious assaults, even if anonymously. This allows us to issue an alerts, for example on cruising grounds or near pubs or bars. It also means that we can spot if there is a serial offender, and ensure the police understand the level of crime experienced by our communities, and therefore commit enough resources.

Physical abuse can also include sexual abuse or rape. You can find out more about what to do following a sexually abusive incident and where to get help, by reading the section on Sexual Abuse, or by speaking with our specialist sexual abuse caseworker.