Why Report Hate Crime?

This section explains why it is important that you tell someone that you’ve experienced a hate crime, whether you chose to report to the police or tell another organisation such as Galop.

Many of us are so used to living with a background of homophobia and transphobia that we have put up with homophobic and transphobic abuse and insults, and if this violence escalates, we often do not report it for fear of not being taken seriously, for fear of being outed by police, for fear of further victimisation, or even because we may feel we don’t need or deserve to be helped.

As LGBT people we often chose to change our behaviour to avoid putting ourselves at greater risk of being victimised.  For example, we may change the way we present ourselves to avoid disclosing our sexuality or gender identity in public places. We may also avoid physical contact with our partner and friends, such as holding hands or kissing. In some cases we may even chose to avoid certain areas, or events or travelling by public transport because we perceive them as being unsafe.  Whether or not you change your behaviour you should never be made to feel that you are to blame for a homophobic or transphobic attack – you have the same right to go about your life as anyone else!