Galop’s Statement on Hate Crime Statistics October 2020

Today’s figures from the Home Office show that anti-LGBT+ hate crime has, for the second year running, risen at twice the rate of other forms of hate crime over the last year. This is a truly worrying trend, and we call on the Government to make swift actions to tackle anti-LGBT+ violence and abuse.

Figures show that, overall, reported hate crime has grown by 8%, while hate crimes against LGB people have risen 19% in the same period, and transphobic hate crimes grew by 16%.

We know from both Galop and Government research that only a small proportion of LGBT+ victims and survivors of hate crime report their experiences to the police. The barriers for LGBT+ people are still too high when it comes to accessing assistance after abuse. This is harder still for LGBT+ people of colour and trans and non-binary people.

These new figures come at a time when Galop’s services have seen a massive increase in demand. We have seen the impact of anti-LGBT+ hate crimes on victims. Some clients have received life-changing injuries, others have experienced sexual assault, blackmail, break-ins, or a wide range of other forms of violence and abuse. Many will experience long lasting physical or psychological effects from what they have gone through.

LGBT+ people deserve the to live free from hate. When hate crimes happen, it is vital that the victims receive a respectful and effective response. We must address the causes of LGBT+ hate crime, expand support services for victims, and empower victims and survivors to come forward. We must address the inequalities in our hate crime legislation, so that anti-LGBT+ abuse is equal to other hate crimes in the eyes of the law. The UK can, and should, do more to protect its LGBT+ communities.

If you have experienced violence or abuse, know that Galop is here for you. Please get in touch.

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