LGBT+ Domestic Abuse Survivors Forum - User Agreement

What you can expect from us:

  • We will always be present on the forum as admin users to provide:
    • Emotional support and encouragement
    • Information and ideas
    • Links to useful services, both national and local
    • Signposting to ours and other services, both national and local
    • A supportive and kind LGBTQ+ space for users to share experiences and receive support and encouragement from other survivors of domestic abuse
  • We will moderate conversations to ensure all users benefit from being on the forum. This may include editing posts or deleting them if they are not in accordance with the values of the forum (see 'What we ask from you’), or if they may put someone at risk.
  • We do not offer emergency support. If you are in immediate danger, please call 999. If you need urgent help and are not in immediate danger, you can contact our helpline (0800 999 5428).
  • Helpline staff may contact you by e-mail if we want to talk to you about your posts on the forum or check in on your wellbeing
  • We are not able to guarantee the accuracy or reliability of or endorse posts made by users other than Galop admin users. Where third party websites are linked to from this website, we do not endorse or have any responsibility for other websites or their contents.
  • We will always take reasonable steps to ensure that the information posted on the forum is useful and .
  • We will not share with anyone outside of Galop any information about you or your posts without your consent. The exceptions to this are if we think your life or the life of another person is at serious risk of harm or death. Even in these cases, we will always try to discuss this with you first and find a way to do this with you consent if possible. You can also read our privacy notice for more information on how we manage your data ().

What we ask from you:

  • You identify as part of the LGBT+ community and are a survivor of domestic abuse in a current or previous intimate relationship, or by your family.
  • Or, you are a friend or family member of an LGBT+ person who currently experiencing domestic .
  • That you are over the age of 18. If you are under 18, we may encourage you to contact the helpline directly for support.
  • Do not share any information that may identify you, such as:
    • Your name, whether first name, surname, or other names
    • The name of the person who has been abusing you
    • Your contact details – phone number, address, e-mail or social media handles
    • Children’s or family member’s names
    • Your workplace
    • Any details about your location
    • Any links to information that could identify you, such as photos, social media, blogs or personal websites, .).
  • Please do not share identifying information about any other user (or ask them to reveal identifying information) either – it could put them at serious risk.
  • Be respectful and kind to one another – be mindful of how your replies may come across to someone who is upset or having a difficult day
  • Do not share material that is:
    • Insulting, offensive, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, lewd, belittling.
    • Physically threatening
    • Discriminatory or prejudiced regarding sexuality, or gender identity, race, religion, disability or other groups
    • Inciting others to commit violence, harassment or harm of any kind
    • Spam, promotion of your own or others’ or online followings, or advertising
    • Infringing of the intellectual property or other rights of any person or entity (you can share a resource that you have found useful, but you cannot pass it off as your own if you did not create it)
    • Damaging to the reputation of a named organisation or individual – this is called libel and is against the . This includes using someone’s real name and saying they are an abuser.
    • Otherwise breaching of any applicable law, whether criminal, or otherwise
    • Explicit descriptions of violence, injuries or sexual violence
    • This list is not exhaustive. Remember that what you may be comfortable with, others may find .
  • Assume best intentions when reading and responding to other users. We all get things wrong sometimes and bearing this in mind helps to create a trusting community.
  • Remember that other users’ experiences are real and valid, even if they do not reflect your own
  • We ask that everyone who posts makes the effort to respect all other views and does not attempt to force any personal views onto others.
  • Do not post any details regarding court proceedings (whether criminal or civil). Whilst the forum can allow people to discuss experiences of family courts we cannot allow discussions on actual details of a case as this could affect the .
  • Any reliance on material posted will be at your own risk. You agree to not hold Galop responsible for any messages posted on our forum that may contradict our terms, and that you will not consider legal action against us. We encourage you to consider whether information posted here is safe or appropriate for you if you wish to make use of .


Continued use of this service implies your agreement with these terms. If you do not abide by this agreement, we may remove your posts and delete your account. We may change this agreement and the terms under which we may remove posts or accounts at any time.

How we respond to issues on the forum

If while you are using the forum you have concerns about any post, you can report the post by clicking ‘Report’ on the top right of any post, or e-mail us at (with a link to the post or posts in question).

If we agree with your concerns, our first step is always to warn someone that their behaviour is not in keeping with the agreement made at registration and ask them not to repeat the behaviour. We may also reach out to the user to check on their wellbeing. Repeat issues or serious violations of the agreement will result in people being blocked from the . We reserve the right to block and delete accounts immediately and without notice if there is a serious breach of these terms.

You can also contact us if you see something that suggests we are not meeting what you can expect from us.