Recognise &Respond: Strengthening Advocacy for LGBT+ Survivors of Domestic abuse

Galop is proud to launch a new report Recognise & Respond: Strengthening Advocacy for LGBT+ Survivors of Domestic abuse.

The report furthers insights into the scope, distinct nature of abuse and barriers experienced by LGBT+ survivors in access to services, increases knowledge of LGBT+ survivors accessing LGBT+ specialist services and highlights the value and role of LGBT+ specialist programs in addressing domestic abuse.

Key findings suggest:

  • More than one in four gay men and lesbian women and more than one in three bisexual people report at least one form of domestic abuse since the age of 16.
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender survivors disclose abuse of power and control closely linked to their sexual orientation and gender identity and face distinct systemic and personal barriers in access to services.
  • LGBT+ survivors under 24 and those over 50 are not accessing support at the same rate as other age groups.
  • At least one in three LGBT+ survivors will present with one form of disability or health problem.
  • Gay, bisexual and trans survivors and LGBT+ survivors with BME background are considerably more likely to access LGBT+ specialist services over other domestic abuse support.
  • LGBT+ specialist domestic abuse services are largely unavailable within many local authority areas in England and Wales.
  • Out of approximately 900 full time IDVAs working in England and Wales only four are hosted within specialist LGBT+ services.
  • There are limited emergency facilities for LGBT+ people and housing providers do not always recognise that they have a duty towards LGBT+ survivors.

The report also outlines a set of recommendations relevant to statutory and voluntary sector service providers, local, regional and national policy makers, funders and commissioners. The recommendations highlight strategic and practical initiatives to strengthen future responses for LGBT+ victims and survivors of domestic abuse.

The Chief Executive of Galop, Nik Noone stated:

“This landmark report has the simple but vital aim: To improve the understanding of LGBT+ people’s experience of domestic abuse and ensure that services meet the needs of LGBT+ survivors. The report evidences the high levels of domestic violence experienced by LGBT+ adults. Despite LGBT+ survivors being underrepresented in domestic abuse services, key findings suggest that out of approximately 900 IDVA working in the England & Wales only four are hosted within LGBT+ specialist services. The report provides insight into the value of specialist LGBT+ domestic abuse services and identifies some promising practice within a number of these projects.

We hope that the report will inform, educate and act as a springboard for action, it is crucial that all LGBT+ survivors are able to access support that understand their needs.  

The Chief Executive of Stonewall Housing, Bob Green stated:

This report is both enlightening and alarming.  It shows that lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT+) people have distinct experiences of domestic abuse and unfortunately many are not accessing services because these are not available in all parts of the country.

All policy makers, service providers and commissioners should read this report and work together to act on its recommendations to ensure LGBT+ people who experience domestic abuse can find safe accommodation and access the services they need.

The report was produced within the framework of the Recognise & Respond and National LGBT+ Domestic Abuse projects. Recognise & Respond was funded under the Lloyds Bank Foundation Transform Program and National LGBT+ Domestic Abuse was funded by the Home Office. Both projects were delivered in partnership with Stonewall Housing.

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