The Police, Your Rights & The Law

If you’re LGBT+ and have experienced any kind of violence or abuse,  you can contact Galop for advice on 0207 704 2040. Click for more information on:

Arrest, Stop & Search– This section provides advice and information about your rights if you have been stopped or arrested by the police.

Police Complaints – if you’ve had a bad experience with the police, this section explains how to make an official complaint & how we can help.

Police Warnings, Cautions & Fines – This section gives some information about police warnings, cautions, fines and whether you need to tell an employer about them.

Cottaging and Cruising – This section tells you about cottaging, cruising & the law, keeping safe when cruising and what to do if you are a victim of a crime.

Hate Crime Laws – This section explains how the law can protect LGBT people from different forms of abuse.

Criminal Injuries Compensation – If you have suffered an injury as the result of a homophobic or transphobic attack, sexual assault/abuse or domestic violence you may be entitled to financial compensation from the government. This section tells you about the Criminal Injuries Compensation Claim and how Galop can help you.

Solving Problems with Council Services – Councils provide a variety of services to help people who experience hate crime, domestic abuse or problems with neighbours. This section gives some information about how to complain about councils when they get things wrong.


Our services:

Our hate crime casework service can give you advice, support and help if you experience homophobia, transphobia or biphobia. Click for more

Domestic abuse is any kind of threatening behaviour, violence, or abuse between people who have been intimate partners or family members. Click for more

Galop provides confidential and independent advice and support for LGBT+ people who have experienced sexual assault, abuse or violence. Click for more