Hate Crime

What Response Should I Expect From The Police After Making A Report To Them?

Always remember that if the victim or any other person feels that an incident is homophobic or transphobic then the police should treat it as such without needing to be convinced of this.

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What kind of things should I report to Galop?

We want to hear about incidents where the victim is LGBT or where the incident itself is anti-LGBT

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How can I make a report to Galop?

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What if I want to report directly to the police?

If you want we can refer you to a trained police LGBT Liaison Officer in your local borough, although we cannot guarantee the service you will receive from them.

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How We Can Help You Report

Galop offers a service called Assisted Reporting (or Third Party Reporting).  This means that if you have experienced or know of a homophobic or transphobic incident in the Greater London area but do not feel able to report it directly to the police, you can report it to us instead. We promise not to reveal…

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Filling In The Blanks

A landmark report seeking to increase understanding of unreported LGBT hate crime and of services available to victims of these crimes, particularly services relating to reporting. Published in 2009

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Our services:

Our hate crime casework service can give you advice, support and help if you experience homophobia, transphobia or biphobia. Click for more

Domestic abuse is any kind of threatening behaviour, violence, or abuse between people who have been intimate partners or family members. Click for more

Galop provides confidential and independent advice and support for LGBT+ people who have experienced sexual assault, abuse or violence. Click for more