Welcome to Galop, the LGBT+ anti-violence charity. 

If you’ve experienced hate crime, sexual violence or domestic abuse, we’re here for you. We also support lesbian, gay, bi, trans and queer people who have had problems with the police or have questions about the criminal justice system.  We are a completely independent community-led group. Anything you tell us is confidential, and you can contact us anonymously if you choose.


Domestic Abuse

Abuse from family, partners, and ex-partners does happen in our communities. Galop is a safe space to talk and think about what you want away from pressure at home. We can help you to explore your options, plan to make you safer, look for safe housing and speak with the police.  


Galop welcomes new CPS hate crime data

Responding to new data on hate crime prosecutions, Nik Noone, Chief Executive of Galop said: “Homophobic, biphobic and transphobic abuse are sadly still a reality for many LGBT people. The Crown Persecution Service are a key part of challenging the violence and abuse faced by LGBT people who we work with day to day, and […]

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Galop calls for new hate crime law

University of Sussex have launched new research demonstrating the need for hate crime laws to be re-written. Nik Noone, Chief Executive of Galop, the UK’s LGBT anti-violence and abuse charity welcomed it, saying:     “Ensuring that communities can rely on effective anti-hate crime laws is more important than ever given the significant increase in such […]

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UNI-FORM: Help stop the hate

https://files.slack.com/files-pri/T5H8UTWUR-F7BAPE3C7/uni-form_-_final_cut__28_sep_.mp4 The UNI-FORM website & app is a collaboration between LGBT+ organisations & police forces in 8 European countries to tackle hate crime. Using the app or the website, LGBT+ people across Europe can easily report hate to trusted partner organisations. Make a report or learn more at uni-form.eu

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Bi Visibility Day 2017!

September 23rd marks Bisexual Visibility day, a day for recognising and celebrating the B in LGBTQIA! Bisexual identity is often misunderstood, misrepresented or erased all together, so we’re bringing you a very quick Bisexuality FAQ! Q: What does bisexual even mean? A: Bisexual means a person attracted to people of more than one gender. Usually that’s defined as being attracted to […]

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