I felt despondent, not taken seriously by the police, defeated and frustrated. Finally being taken seriously by my Galop caseworker felt like being thrown a lifeline”

Despite providing support to LGBT people who are experiencing issues with safety and policing for over 30 years, Galop is not a large charity. We desperately need your help protect our services, which are critical in supporting our clients move on from their experiences with support and the confidence that they can rely on Galop to be on their side.

I would have killed myself if it hadn’t been for Galop”

Every penny raised for us really does make a difference to how many people we can help and how much support we can offer.

Just £10 means that we can answer another call on the helpline.

£30 pays for 1 hour of casework support.

£50 allows us to support someone who has experienced domestic or sexual abuse to meet with a police officer and make a report.

£150 allows us to use community outreach to educate at least 100 people about their rights.

If you are a UK Taxpayer using Gift Aid means that for every pound you give, Galop will receive an extra 28 pence from the Inland Revenue, helping your donation go that much further.



The most helpful way of donating to Galop is to make a regular donation, however small. You can make a regular or one-of donation here.




Simply text ‘GALO30 £10’ (or any other amount) to 70070.  All the money comes directly to us.



Please contact us if you’d like to hold an event to raise money for us and we’d be delighted to offer advice and support where we can. In the past we’ve received generous donations from events like marathons, cake sales and even roller derby tournaments.  You can make a fundraising page for your event here.



This is a fantastic way of raising money for Galop without having to do anything other than make your usual online purchases.  By signing up, downloading a small app to your computer and choosing Galop (also listed as Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Anti-Violence and Policing Group) as your charity of choice, it means that every time you shop online with thousands of retailers – including Amazon, M&S and – a percentage of your purchase price will go directly to Galop without costing you any extra! Click here to view a short video with more information and to sign up.