We have put some of our most requested information into factsheet form and you can download these as PDFs here:

A Guide To Diary Sheets

Arrest Stop and Search

Comissioning LGBT Hate Crime Services

Consenting To Sex: What the Law Says

Cottaging and Cruising: Your safety, your rights and the law

Criminal Record Checks at Work

CRB Checks & Gender Identity

Criminal Injuries Compensation

Diary Sheets and Guidance on Keeping a Written Record of Hate Crime

Dealing with Homophobic and Transphobic Graffiti and Literature

Dealing With Noisy Neighbours

Disregarding Offences


Laws That Cover Hate Crime

Online anti-LGBT+ Hate Crime A Guide for Organisations

Police Complaints

Police Warnings, Cautions and Fines

Safety Tips

Solving Problems With Council Services

Tackling Biphobia

Tackling Online Hate Crime

Trans Privacy Law


Trans Health Factsheets

Understanding Hate Crime Statistics – A Guide for Organisations

Well-being and Self-care

What Is A Hate Crime

What is online hate speech and hate crime

What To Do Following an Incident

Why Report

Writing A Personal Impact Statement


Hate Crime Partnership Factsheets:

Training toolkit on LGBT hate crime

Tackling transphobia: A guide for safety services

Understanding hate crime statistics: A guide for organisations

Tackling biphobia: A guide for safety services

LGBT hate crime quality standard: A service improvement tool for organisations

Hate crime laws: A guide for LGBT people

Financial assistance schemes help for LGBT people experiencing hate crime

Diary sheets and guidance on keeping a written record of hate crime

Complaints to statutory agencies a guide for advice workers

Commissioning LGBT hate crime services: A guide for organisations