Happy Bi Visibility Day

23rd September is Bi Visibility Day, a time for bisexual people and our allies to stand up and celebrate an identity often erased and invisible in both straight and LGBT circles.

Bisexual means a person attracted to people of more than one gender. It’s also used as an umbrella term for all polysexual identities:



Tips on How to be a Bi Ally


  • say or imply that bisexuality isn’t real, doesn’t exist, or is a just phase
  • say or imply that bisexuals are greedy, promiscuous, confused, indecisive, attention-seeking straight people or closeted gay people
  • ask us to ‘pick a team’
  • assume that we no longer identify as bi because we are in a monogamous relationship with a person of a particular gender
  • ask for ‘proof’ of our identity in our current dating behaviour or past experiences
  • say or imply that monosexual (straight or gay) identities are more valid.


To mark Bi Visibility Day, we’ve launched our Tackling Biphobia: A Guide for Safety Services factsheet today- check it out for information on how to approach biphobia and biphobic hate crime.

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