The Deaths of Four Gay Men in Barking

Galop is deeply concerned about the deaths of four young gay men in Barking and the circumstances around this. We are working with community and statutory contacts around the investigation and support for individuals.

We know that LGB&T people, particularly gay & bi men who use apps and are involved in the chem sex scene in London, may be particularly concerned. There are likely to be people who knew the suspect, and/or the victims or perhaps have information connected to what happened. You may be feeling extremely concerned that it could easily have been you or perhaps you feel worried or upset about the details of this case or the wider situation.

At Galop we’ve been working for a number of years with men who experience violence, sexual assault and other crimes like robbery and blackmail, including while they’re at a chill-out or chem sex party or chems are involved in a hook-up. We know a significant number of gay/bi men experience non-consensual overdosing and sexual assault in a chems context and the publicity around this case may have raised questions or memories for you. We are a confidential, independent organisation and work in an informed and non-judgemental way.

  • We know about helping men think through what’s happened to them, get some support and make informed decisions.
  • We can give advice about your choices about reporting information to the police, anonymously if you prefer.
  • We never put pressure on anyone to take any particular sort of action and we work highly confidentially.


  •  If you need a place to think and talk… 
  • If you need confidential advice about your options… 
  • If you want to talk through whether to pass information to the police and your options for doing this, named or anonymously… 
  • If you need help for sexual assault or violence you’ve experienced… Call Galop for independent, confidential, expert advice and help 

    Helpline: 020 7704 2040




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