The Hate Crime Report

We are delighted to launch the LGBT Hate Crime Report 2016, which marks the start of Hate Crime Awareness Week.  This edition provides an updated analysis of UK data, and the UK results of  a pan-European quantitative and qualitative hate crime study, published here for the first time.

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The Hate Crime Report 2016



The Hate Crime Report 2013

The Hate Crime Report brings the numbers and statistics around London’s anti LGBT hate crime together into one easy-to-understand resource for the first time.

The 2013 report shows that although crime rates may be dropping LGBT people are still experiencing high levels of abuse. It also shows low levels of confidence in the police and poor satisfaction among those who report hate crime.

It does show excellent results from police investigations of homophobia but very poor results from transphobia (anti-transgender prejudice) investigations.

It also ranks areas of London according to how well the police and courts perform on hate crime.

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